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Ten Top Tips for School Leavers (and thinking about work experience)

So you have finally left that school uniform behind! You’ve had a good summer with family and friends and now need to shake off the holiday dust and start thinking about earning some money. Perhaps you are not yet clear what career you want to follow or you are waiting for a place at college or university next year?
Everyone will tell you that work experience is important – it is if you can find it! How can you help yourself? (The advice below also applies if you are looking for paid work)

1. Don’t send out your C.V. to all and sundry, employers hate this. They would be more impressed if you could show you had thought carefully about what you are looking for in a job.  Do draw up a list of people and specific companies you think might be interested in you.

2. Don’t expect to be paid for work experience. Most places don’t usually pay but they will cover expenses such as travelling and lunch.

3. Do consider voluntary organisations if you have some relevant interest or experience in what they do. If you are keen to work for a company, then be clear what you can offer them, not what they can offer you.

4. Don’t just assume all jobs are the same, they’re not. Each organisation is run differently with different rules and policies.

5. Do ask to join a mentor scheme if the workplace has one. This will give you more insight into the job and an opportunity to ask questions without annoying other staff.

6. Do try out different jobs - beauticians, vets, office, gym, outdoor instructor etc. This will give you an idea of whether you like working in a team, individually, indoors, or outdoors.

7. Do ask for more than a week’s work experience if you can. One week is not enough. Two weeks will give you a better idea of what the job is about as each one can vary.

8. Do build up a strong portfolio of work experience. It is often a requirement before you start a paid or permanent job but certainly gives you an advantage.

9. Do think about your communication before you arrive. Think how you want staff to communicate with you.

10. Most people are happy to have a go if you are clear about what you want them to do.

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