Repairing a Broken Coaxial Cable

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Repairing a Broken Coaxial Cable

Post  sleepyme123 on Thu May 17, 2012 9:40 am

If your television reception has been filled with static and you have found that it is because of a bad coaxial cable, don't worry. Fixing a bad coaxial cable is easy with the right equipment and knowledge. Here, we can only give you the knowledge, but the equipment can be found online or at you local hardware store as well.

First, what exactly is the problem? If you have broken off the piece of cable that passes into your television set, here is the solution. You will need a pair of wire strippers to begin.

Start by prying off the metal or plastic threaded connection piece. Once off, use the wire strippers to strip the cable back about a half to three quarters of an inch. Cleanly expose only the center cable and remove the housing that surrounds it. Try not to fray any of the interior housing because this will make the next step more difficult. Once the wire is stripped and ready, you will need to put a new connector piece on it. If possible, you can re-use your old piece. If removing it did too much damage, you can pick up a new piece at any hardware store. To put it on, simply slide it over the end and then use a set of pliers to seal the connection. The connector should grip firmly to the housing.

This is only one solution to repairing this specific problem. For other coaxial cable solutions you can look around LifeTips or contact your cable company. If you simply cannot get the job done, you can always buy a new coaxial cable for a few bucks.

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