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High Definition TV - If you've been anywhere around a civilized, television watching consumer nation lately, you've probably heard the term mentioned. But what exactly is high definition TV and what is all the hype about? Well, HDTV delivers an amazing picture like quality to your television screen for starters. HDTV is a digital television format that provides higher resolution images due to the more detailed signal that an HD signal sends to your screen.

Here's why HDTV has such a picture perfect impact on your screen. Traditional television signals utilize analog to send information to your screen. Clarity and color can be measured in terms of lines of resolution. HDTV uses a cable or satellite TV signal to send the same information to your television set at about twice the resolution. Not only do you get an amazing, crisp picture with HDTV, you also get the sound quality of Dolby digital surround sound as well. In order to view a high definition signal from satellite TV, you must have a high definition television.

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