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1. Anyone can be a karaoke operator!!! You need to be confident at using a microphone, have enthusiasm and learn how to set-up and operate the Equipment.

2. When using an 'In House' system provided by the venue, arrive early or arrange with the proprietor to spend some time getting used to operating the equipment.

3. Get Organised!! Make sure you have plenty of Karaoke books, pens and request slips and do a sound check, testing each microphone plus the players before starting.

4. If using your own Equipment ensure that all leads and connections are firmly in place, the speakers are connected and all volumes are at 0 before you switch the P.A. on to avoid 'feedback' and damage to the equipment - Don't allow anyone to put drinks near the discs or on the equipment EVER!!!

5. Practice setting up and using your equipment at home with a bunch of friends before attempting to get bookings!! Make sure you are competant at finding the discs, changing them over, calling people up and playing the right songs - get your friends to interrupt you, change their minds about songs and put you under pressure whilst your working - if possible spend some time helping out a professional KJ to get into the swing of things, then you'll be ready for practically any eventuallity!!

6. Everyone likes to have a laugh and if your audience can see that you are enjoying yourself then they are more likely to have a good time - a miserable KJ won't get re-booked!!

7. Think of something creative and original to make your karaoke stand out from the pack! It can be anything from props to games but the more fun and unique it is then the more work you are likely to get.

8. Don't worry if you can't sing!!! Many people feel intimidated by a good singer and don't want to have a go - a bad or average singer will find it easier to get people up early as they feel more comfortable about singing themselves.  If you are a good singer then have a laugh with the audience and grab someone up to join you to help ease their nerves.

9. Health and Safety regulations are there to help prevent accidents to clients and your equipment - if an officer drops in for a spot check you can be fined or prevented from working if you have not followed their guidelines!! Read the Karaoke Equipment Set Up.

10. Local councils require the venue to have a 'Karaoke Licence' - if you are employed by a venue it is their responsibility to obtain one, however, if you hire a venue to put on your own karaoke nights you must check that the venue has a licence or apply well in advance of the event for a licence from the Council - if you fail to do so you can be fined!!

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