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Avoid sounding distorted or muffled when you sing!! Learn to use the microphone to make you sound better - use our microphone tips and techniques!

1. If using a microphone stand make sure it is at a comfortable height for you to sing into before starting - mucking about with it during a song will be distracting to you and the audience.

2. When using a microphone with a lead attached, ensure that the lead is firmly attached to the microphone and you are not standing on the loose cable.

3. Check the on/off switch! Some mics have a small switch which moves easily - this can be turned off by accident when you grip the microphone or the previous singer may have turned it off without your knowledge.

4. Hold the microphone by the handle, don't cover the pickup with your hand or fingers and keep the microphone at a distance of 1/2" - 1" away from your mouth - holding it too close to your mouth or covering the pickup causes your voice and the words to sound muffled, distorted and indistinct.

5. If you have a particularly quiet singing voice ask the DJ/KJ to turn the microphone up for you - a good operator will do this automatically when you start to sing.

6. Don't shout! The microphone is sensitive - if you have a loud voice or need to increase your vocal volume for a certain track section or song, move the mic away from your mouth until your singing sounds clear and easy to understand.

7. Avoid pointing the microphone towards the speakers or monitors - this creates a horrible high pitched sound called 'feedback'.

8. To avoid 'popping' sounds when singing words containing 'B', 'P' or 'S' hold the microphone slightly to the side instead of directly to the front of your mouth.

9. When singing a long powerful note move the microphone away from your mouth during the loud notes and gradually bring it back towards you as you start to run out of breath and the notes volume decreases - this makes the notes volume sound more consistent.

10. Don't swing or drop the microphone, tug, pull the cable or move further than the microphone cables natural length or you may cause damage to the equipment - you bust it you pay for it (& it's expensive)!!

There are two types of microphone commonly used in live performance:

1. Directional - sing directly into the pick up - mainly used for solo singers.

2. Omni-Directional - picks up sound from anywhere within its radius.

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