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Keep your Pets, Shed your Allergies
For many animal lovers, the joy of pet ownership comes with a catch: irritating, uncomfortable allergy symptoms like red, itchy eyes or trouble breathing. While many allergies are hereditary, others manifest as a result of repeated exposure to a particular substance - namely our beloved pets and the allergens found within pets' skin secretions, saliva or urine.

What to do, what to do?
The following tips can help reduce your constant ah-ah-ah-CHOOing by reducing the accumulation of pet allergens within your home. While many of these tips may work for you, others may not - as keeping my pets off the carpets and the bed probably ain't gonna happen in my household - so taking a Claritin frankly may be more realisitc!

1). Eliminate existing dander by vacuuming with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter

2). Bathe pets frequently with an allergen-reducing shampoo (a warm wash cloth works great for in between washes)

3). Keep pets off carpets! Either wood or tile floors are ideal for pet-loving homes

4). Keep pets away from upholstered or fabric furniture, including your car

5). Give your pet a bed of their own (If you just can’t resist, use Allergen-resistant bedding)

6). If all else fails....take a Claritin!

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