10 Online Fundraising Tips

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10 Online Fundraising Tips

Post  sleepyme123 on Thu May 03, 2012 10:09 am

1. Personalise your message
The best fundraising pages tell a really good story. Let people know why you're going to the trouble of raising money, and they're much more likely to take the time to donate. Explain why your charity deserves support and what their donations will buy, eg £10 will buy a school desk or £20 will help restore someone's sight.

2. Add photos and video
Personal photos make your page much more engaging. Even better — add your own YouTube video. It gives you lots of scope to be funny, imaginative and compelling and gives your supporters a good reason to send your page on to their friends.

3. Tell everyone about your page
Before you email your entire address book, ask your closest friends and family to donate first. An empty page can be a bit intimidating, so having a couple of donations on the page should encourage other sponsors. People tend to match the amounts already listed on the page, so if they’re generous ones, all the better!

Email your other contacts in groups — colleagues, running club, friends overseas, etc - personalising your message each time. Use your own email system to set up groups, send emails to large numbers of people and keep your communications personal. Potential supporters are more likely to open an email that comes from you than an email address they don’t recognise.

4. Publicise your page
Print some Moo cards with your page URL on the back and give them out to everyone you meet! You can also share your page on Facebook and on your blogs and websites. Ask your company if they’ll link to your page from their website or intranet. Put up posters in your gym, college, church or school too.

5. Put a link in your email signature
Add your page's web address to your email signature. That way, every email you send raises awareness of your fundraising and attracts more donations.

6. Keep your page up to date
Post regular updates on your progress and upload new photos. It gives people a reason to come back to your page and encourages them to donate again or to send your page on to their friends.

7. Send a follow-up email
Be persistent. It takes more than one round of emails to reach your target. You know what it's like - people mean to donate, but sometimes they don't quite get round to it on the first request. Remember to thank the people who've already supported you, and to ask them to send your page to their contacts.

8. Personalise your thank-you
Edit your thank-you email that you send to people who donate. Make sure you encourage people to send your page on to friends who might be interested in sponsoring you.

9. Contact your local media
A few lines in the local paper or an appeal on your local radio station can really help. Byscoring this, readers and listeners can sponsor you easier.

10. Keep fundraising after your event
Around 20% of donations come in after people finish their event. So keep fundraising once you've crossed the finish line - it's a good chance to email an update and a final appeal!

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